Art Nouveau

General: this style was is mainly used in America and Europe. This Art Nouveau became so popular that even Germany, France, Belgium, and Spain took a liking to it. It advocated art and artist within the interiors and exteriors.

Motifs and Characteristics: motifs varied from country to country. the main motifs used were roses, violets, iris, and water lily. Animals such as the butterfly, snail, and peacock were also included.

France, Belgium, and the United States became organic and nature inspired. Germany has strong geometric with curves to emphasize decoration. Italy is pluralistic and free of eclecticism. Spain was unique in their organic form.

Architecture and Buildings: Art Nouveau defines commercial buildings like schools, offices, churches, auditoriums, concert halls, and metro stations.

the floor plans are open and free flowing. this was to minimize visual separation and to better connect the spaces. 

building materials combine iron, glass, and stone. some parts may e prefabricated. iron is used constructively and decoratively. 

roof structures are tall and vertical is the building was important. weall and roof dormers with pointed or rounded arches aallows light into the upper stories.

windows are typically large and vertical. most have symmetrical or asymmetrical rounded arches or curving tops or shaped. 

Interiors: Art Nouveau interiors mostly feature curvilinear and abstract forms.

the colors are primarily blue, green, gold, white, rust, and purple. in Belgium, warm colors such as red, rose, yellow, gold, orche, and orange. 

flooring material primarily consisted of wood. in addition, the wood may featured geometric or curved designs repeating those of the wall and furniture. marvle, brick, or ceramic tiles were used in entry ways and lower stories.

walls were mainly stenciled or painted. many of the walls had picture moldings. wallpaper had natualistic motifs, designs, and patterns. 

ceilings may be flat , curved, coved, or beamed.

staircases are largely important to this style. stairs are located in important areas in the building. the staircase may be centralized and are typically decorative. 

window treatments are typically plain and the rods were the decorative aspect. the door were three-dimensional with curved tops. the doors were typically wood but may include glass decoration.

Furniture and Decorative Arts:

Personal Opinion: one of my favorites! I love art and appreciate the strong artistic values this style upholds. Even now, i still see Art Nouveau and it’s beautiful. thumbs up for Art Nouveau!!! 😀

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