Aesthetic Movement

General: The Aesthetic Movement was intended to reform and reeducate consumers in artistic principles (primarily in the interiors). this style combines decorative and fine art into the interiors and furniture. this style was mainly used in the Unites States and England that lasted about two decades.

Motifs and Characteristics: sunflowers, peacock feathers, lilies, paisley, flowers, leaves, Japanese forms, insects, butterflies and birds.

Architecture and Buildings: There is no particular architecture that is associated with the Aesthetic Movement. Queen Anne style (both American and English styles) are commonly linked to it.

Interiors: the interiors are designed on arrangelment and composition. pattern is important and usually layered on top of one another.

the primary colors are mutted. Tertiary colors (ie: blue-greens), old gold, olive, terra-cotta, drab or khaki, accented with Japanese colors like yellow, gold, and reds. 

their floors started out as wood planks with area rugs. reformers stated that carpet was not only wasteful, not reusable, and hard to clean but also that it was unhealthy due bacteria build up. if wood floors are not desirable to the client, then parquet floors were the next solution. unfortunately, parquet flooring is too expensive for homeowners. other floors were tile, linoleum, and kamptulican.

typical walls had a tripartite design followed by three horizontal divisions. most people chose wallpaper. mantles are the focal point of the room. they decorated the cabinets, shelves, brackets, etc with niches in design.

most of the doors are paneled and may be stained or painted to match the rest of the woodwork.

lighting during this time was primarily auxiliary lighting. gas and electric lighting was available but they were unreliable.


Personal Opinion: The style is not that bad. It’s decent. the only thing that saved this style is the Japanese influence it had. but i do love the tertiary colors. it makes the space a little more interesting.

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